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Signs Your Aircon Needs Servicing

Signs Your Aircon Needs Servicing

An air conditioning system is an integral part of a home or office. Without it, most of us would have to endure the harsh effects of the scorching sun. Like all systems, an Aircon system requires frequent maintenance. One mistake most people make is only to check out their systems only when it has stopped working. However, you shouldn’t wait for it to stop working so that you can call in a professional. There are usually some warning signs that indicate your AC is malfunctioning. Familiarizing yourself with these signs will ensure that your AC system is fully prepped to keep you cool when the weather is too hot.

Here are the signs indicating that your AC needs servicing.

  1. Warm Air

This is a common sign that manifests itself in most Aircon systems. Before you conclude that your AC needs repair, you should check the readings on the thermostat. Ensure that the temperature set is lower than your home’s current temperature. If you still observe warm air blowing from your system, then that is a sign your AC needs repair. As you consider repair options, it is best to have a professional do it. DIY alternatives can be quite complex, and you could end up damaging your system even further.

  1. Insufficient Airflow

Secondly, insufficient airflow could be as a result of a clog in the AC or a broken motor. Irrespective of the cause, this is something that should be handled immediately. Insufficient airflow won’t cool the temperature in your home or office, and you will still have to pay high power bills. When you notice this, you can contact an HVAC technician to install an energy recovery ventilator in your home. This will ensure you get the right airflow to cool your home.

  1. Moisture near Your System

Presence of moisture or leaks near your system should warn you that your AC needs repair. A block in the system may drain the tubes that channel the condensation away from the AC. However, there could be an underlying problem. Though this may not appear to be an emergency, accumulation of moisture near your system could create a breeding ground for mould. Therefore, dealing with it as soon as possible, reduces the chances of complicating things even more.

  1. Unusual Sounds

Unusual sounds are an indication of mechanical problems. A standard Aircon should run quietly. However, if you notice a loud humming or screeching sounds, then the motor could be broken or dislocated. You should definitely not hear sounds such as squealing, squeaking or any funny noise. The moment you hear such noises, you should turn off the Aircon system and call a professional for assistance. Allowing it to run could lead to further damage of the aircon components.

  1. Unusual Smells

Other than cool air blowing out of your Aircon system, you shouldn’t smell anything unusual. If you notice a strong, pungent smell, then one of the insulation wires could have been burned. It should be replaced immediately. Secondly, if you notice a musty smell, then there could be a mold infection which could put you and others at risk.

It is advisable to contact professional help whenever you notice any of the above signs. The longer you ignore these signs, the more damage may occur on your AC system, which translates to higher repair costs. Also, it is best to have an expert HVAC technician to conduct regular maintenance on your system.