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Different Types of DEFRA Stoves

Different Types of DEFRA Stoves

There is a long tradition of using stoves for heating up homes and nowadays, they are regaining popularity. People have always loved the warm look fire brings to their home, but an open fireplace can be dangerous if not constantly watched and with our modern-day lifestyles are just not practical. A stove, on the other hand, still gives your home the warm glow of flames but can be safely left unattended for longer periods of time.

There are many different types and styles of stoves. You can choose from free-standing types or stove inserts. There is wood burning, or multi-fuel stoves, gas burners or electric versions to choose from. Many of these are boiler stoves which will not only heat up the room but also a hot water or radiator system. There are double sided stoves that allow you to see the flames from both sides or in two different rooms. You will be able to find cooker stoves, modern versions of the old-fashioned kitchen ranges, outdoor stoves and even sauna stoves.

It is always best to buy a stove approved by Defra, the government department responsible for environmental protection. A gas stove should be correctly placed by a Gas Safe registered installer, while a solid fuel burner stove is best put in by a Heats registered installer. Do not hesitate to ask your retailer for details, as it pays to buy a DEFRA approved stove.

A free-standing stove is the traditional method used for heating. These can be placed in an existing fireplace or anywhere in the room if there is an outside wall where the flue pipe can release the smoke. In general, these are termed wood burners, but as most of the wood burning stoves are made of dense cast iron, they can be considered multi fuel stoves. Rolled steel is another suitable material for these stoves, which can burn wood, coal wood, smokeless coal, coke, solid biomass fuel and briquettes. Some attractive gas versions are available and all types, safely and rapidly heat up a room.

Stove inserts are designed to be built into either a wall or an existing fireplace and for multi fuel or gas versions the flue pipes must be adequately installed. In these the heat can only radiate out from the front, so most versions have an air flow system to direct the heat from the back of the stove out into the room. If you are only wanting an attractive feature and do not intend to take full advantage of the heat then an electric insert stove is a good looking, clean option.

Boiler stoves are designed to use the major part of the fire’s heat as energy for a hot water system. This can be used simply for the household hot water or to heat several radiators. These stoves, either free standing or inserts, are the most efficient in using all the energy produced by burning the fuel used.

Whichever type of stove you consider most practical or whichever kind of fuel you wish to use, you will find an amazing choice of different designs. The right stove can make a very eye-catching feature in any home and you will have no problem in finding a style that you like.